Dr. Wayne Slusser

Surviving the Storms of Life is a short read with powerful and applicable insights for those going through the difficulties of life. The biblical truths in this book will bring comfort and encouragement to those who are hurting, and offer strength and support to the...

Dr. Bruce Baker

Heartache and affliction come to us all. Surviving the Storms of Life is a valuable aid in a short, accessible package, presenting a thoroughly biblical approach to these trials.

John Zeller

Storms come into your life in all shapes and forms. I can truly say that God is faithful to carry you through the darkest clouds. No matter how cloudy the storm, God is there. This booklet will help you and give guidance from a Godly perspective.

Dan Giese

In the storms of life, which we all have been in, are currently in, or will be in the future, it is important to know that God is in control. Paul Golden’s message “Remember the Boat, it Stayed Afloat” reminds us that Jesus is in control and will never leave us or...

Casey DeSmith

During my time with the WBS Penguins, I always looked forward to the weekly chapel with Paul. It was amazing how many of the lessons and scriptures he brought to us were directly applicable to struggles and concerns that were applicable to my life.

George McGovern

Like a lifeline thrown to a drowning man, Paul Golden offers life-giving insights into storms that come our way. You will find comfort in learning the “whys” of life storms as well as the “hows” of surviving them. In my world, I give this booklet to injured athletes...

Pat Williams

Simple and straightforward, this book provides some real meat in dealing with the defeats and disappointments of life. Surviving the Storms is very nicely done. I highly recommend Paul Golden‘s beneficial work.